Check to see water not from leaking plumbing:

Water service lines, water heater, etc.

General information:

Structure located on top of hill, side hill, bottom of hill, flat ground, hollow
Soils: Sandy, loamy, rocky, ledge
Surface water, wet or swampy areas nearby? Above, beside, below house
Age of structure:
Type of septic system: cessspool; in ground tank and dry well or leachfield;
raised- gravity or pumped; plan available
Location of sewer line and septic system
Type of water supply: community; on site well- drilled, dug (if dug, check high water mark)


Full basement, partial, walk-out
Type of foundation: poured concrete, concrete block, cut stone, fieldstone
Condition: none or poor mortar joints, honeycombing, seams, loose form ties, cracks
Waterproofing coatings, browncoat (stucco), other interior/exterior

Existing perimeter drain:

location of outlet known? Is it shown on septic plan
Does it ever run?
Type of pipe, condition
Elevation in relation to footing
Basement floor elevation in relation to bottom of footing (may not be readily observed)
Elevation of drain pipe compared to top of floor
Floor drains or other connections to drainage system?
Existing drainage under slab?

Surface conditions/ landscaping:

Slope: towards structure, flat, away, depressed by settling
Type of surface: grass, sand, mud, stone, wood chips, concrete, paving, other
Porosity: slight, medium, great
Landscape materials, trees and shrubs under roof drip line?
Any structures or other devices installed to pick up or divert water?……
Amount of roof shedding water towards troubled area? Valley’s
Any rain gutters in place? Properly diverted?


Has water problem always existed? Extreme wet years only? Only in recent years?