Senator Shaheen’s office

“You are the foremost authority in the maintenance of camp roads, having literally written the book on it.”

Tom Burack

“Your publication does an impressive job of addressing the challenges of maintaining gravel Roads.”

Gary Hirshberg

“Russ is a fountain of knowledge and a superb resource for us”

B. M

I would like to thank you for directing me to “A Ditch in Time”. It will be extremely helpful when making our driveway. The printable version is very convenient! A million Thanks,

D. E., North Conway, New Hampshire

When I got up last weekend my neighbors came over to discuss the (recent heavy rain) storm and they were amazed at how the driveway stood up to that storm. You did a better than expected job.

A. M., CTHA, Bartlett, New Hampshire

Just to let u know that the work you did in our lot held up very well thru a tremendous downpour we had a few weeks ago. After 26 years it’s finally under control.

P. C., Johnson Dev, Albany, New Hampshire

We are all very pleased with the work that you did to improve and repair the damage to our road system caused by the flooding of last summer. I have only heard praises for your work and remarks to indicate that the roads have never looked so good.

J.S Fryeburg, ME

I went to your website and spent an educational hour or more surfing! You have certainly taken a great deal of care in putting useful information out to educate your consumers.

T. R., Bartlett, NH

Last night, after the rain fell all day long, I came home to a dry basement. It looks as if you hit the nail on the head with that leaky basement!